About Dominique

Fiber Stories comes from the life and imagination of Dominique Venable Miller. Dominique is a multi-disciplinary artist who hails from generations of seamstresses from France.

As a young girl, just having moved to the US from France, Dominique was taught to express her emotions through art. This is where all her inspiration comes from, the landscape of her inner thoughts and emotions.

Dominique grew up in a well-known Bohemian community in Santa Barbara in the 50's and 60's. It was in this community that her creativity was fostered and nurtured.  This community continues to inspire her lifestyle and growing up on the countryside of Santa Barbara infused inspiration from the landscape into her fiber work. 

For decades, Dominique was self-taught in sewing and painting. After many years of having a life with trials and tribulations, she was able to straighten her path and attended University of Santa Barbara and focused on Creative Studies in her fifties. It is in UCSB where she honed her skills in creating incredible fiber arts and had a solo art show where the focus was on her life stories told in fiber.

Dominique now resides in Ojai, California where she continues to sew, dye, stitch her subconscious mind into beautiful fiber stories.